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Car Park Refurbishment

Car Park Maintenance

Improving safety and aesthetics with surface refurbishment, surface repairs, ceiling and wall spray coatings, improving slip and skid resistance as well as lighting solutions and cleaning.

Warehouse Maintenance

Maximise efficiency and safety in the workplace with surface repairs, cladding spray coatings, painting, floor surface coatings as well as improving floor slip resistance.

warehouse refurbishment
warehouse route marking

Warehouse Route Marking

Warehouse Route Markings, also known as ‘Line Plans’ erase the possibility of confusion in the workplace – boosting efficiency by preventing confusion between product bays. They also help to improve site safety by separating pedestrian and vehicle pathways – allowing different traffic to flow efficiently without causing obstruction or injury.

Car Park Line Marking

Increase the profitability of your car park with an intelligent layout that maximises its capacity. With over 25 years’ experience in line marking, our team designs excellent layouts which can include accessible parking bays, electric vehicle parking bays, pedestrian walkways and directional arrows to improve the flow and safety of your car park.

Surface Retexturing

Surface Refurbishment

Years of heavy traffic, spills and drops can leave the flooring in your premises looking less than new. Moreover, potholes and cracks can pose a health and safety hazard to pedestrians and cause damage to vehicles. We use captive shot blasting technology to safely and effectively remove surface damage with minimal mess and downtime.

Anti slip surface coatings

Anti Slip / Skid

Increase the safety of your customers and staff with anti-slip surface coatings, helping to prevent falls in your workplace or commercial premises. Not only do these provide added protection for pedestrians, but they can also be used to greatly reduce braking distance for vehicles in both car park and warehouse applications.

Concrete sealing in warehouse

Concrete Sealing

Protect the quality and finish of concrete surfaces with concrete sealing – adding resistance to oil spills, mould, vandalism and improving curb appeal.

Ceiling and Wall Spray Coatings

Ceiling & Wall Coatings

Improve the overall appearance of your car park or warehouse with surface and wall spray coatings. Not only is this a simple and effective way to add some lustre to your renovations but they can also ease the removal of vandalism and prevent mould growth – prolonging the refreshed look of your premises.

Warehouse Floor Painting

Surface Coatings

The surface coatings we offer range from purely cosmetic applications to water repellants, biocides (antifungal coatings) as well as anti-graffiti coatings. We can also improve the grip of surfaces to help create a safer workplace in warehouses or to prevent slips and fall in other commercial premises such as car parks.

Car park surface repairs

Surface and Pothole Repairs

In a car park, potholes can cause severe damage to a customer’s tyres and rims as well as be an unsightly trip hazard. In warehouse applications, pothole repair is also essential – maintaining a safe environment where machinery will not be damaged, and workers are safe. Prevent insurance claims and improve safety by maintaining the floor in your car park or warehouse with us.

Warehouse Jet washing

Other Services

We provide an end-to-end maintenance and cosmetic restoration service for any commercial setting. For this reason, we adapt to accommodate your project’s needs to simplify the process for you. Just get in touch to learn about our other specialised services including jet washing, retexturing and stone cleaning.

Car Park Zoning

To make your car park stand out amongst the crowds, be sure to ask us about car park zoning. This is where we separate and colour code areas of your car park, allowing for easier management and gives users a better experience.


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